The Ministry of Research, Science, and Technology and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in cooperation with Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources are pleased to announce opportunities of scholarship for the Year 2018. Based on recent Educational Cooperation Agreement between Hungary and Iran Hundred (100) students from Iran and hundred (100) students from Hungary will be offered for scholarships.

Hungarian Applicants:

Hungarian partial study students can apply for scholarships within the framework of the “Campus Mundi Scholarship Program”. Within this program, the Hungarian side will give a monthly stipend for the living expenses (about 1350 USD) and a contribution to the travel costs of approved students whose education will be tuition free. Students can apply for partial study in the following Iranian Universities:

More information and requirements are available here.  In case of the need for more information, please email to .

Iranian Applicants:

Iranian students, who are interested to apply for scholarships, are recommended to visit the following websites:

For more information, please email to